Held at the Royal College of Physicians, Central London

An introduction was given by Lord Selborne, KBE, FRS, Chairman of the Trustees who thanked all the prizewinners for their excellent work and Ian Taylor MBE MP for attending to present the prizes. 

Lord Selborne, KBE, FRS then handed over to John Wheeler to read the citations. 


Professor P.E. Hartmann was awarded £50,000 and

Professor R.A. Owens was awarded £30,000

.... in recognition of their research on human lactation, including methods for the non-invasive measurement of the rate of milk secretion.


Professor P.E. Hartmann gave a presentation on the research
Professor F. Koning was awarded £40,000 and

Professor L.M. Sollid was awarded £40,000

..... in recognition of their work on the mechanism and treatment of coeliac disease


Professor F. Koning explained the work with a short presentation

The following were awarded prizes for their work in the application of excimer laser surgery to refractive correction of the cornea

Dr. S.E. Blum Dr. F.A. L'Esperance, Jr. Dr. R. Srinivasan
£15,000 £15,000 £15,000

Dr. S.L. Trokel Dr. J.J. Wynne
£15,000 £15,000
Dr. R. Srinivasan presented a summary of the work

Following the awards ......

Ian Taylor MBE MP provided an interesting and entertaining conclusion to the ceremony.


The guests chat over a prizegiving drink

Susan Bristol (front) and Anne Fendick welcome the guests

 The venue auditorium


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Dr. R.A. Owens, Ian Taylor MBE MP, Professor P.E. Hartmann, Lord Selborne

Ian Taylor MBE MP, Professor F. Koning, Professor L.M. Sollid, Lord Selborne

Lord Selborne, Dr. S.L. Trokel,  Dr. F.A. L'Esperance Jr., Ian Taylor MBE MP, Dr. R. Srinivasan,  Dr. S.E. Blum,  Dr. J.J. Wynne

The team at Rank Prize Funds:


                      Mrs. Judith Delaney                                 Mrs. Susan Bristol                    Mr. John Wheeler

Additional photos

Dr. F.A. L'Esperance Jr., Dr. S.L. Trokel

Dr. S.E. Blum, Dr. J.J. Wynne, Dr. R. Srinivasan

Dr. F.A. L'Esperance, Jr., Dr. S.L. Trokel

Professor F. Koning

Professor L.M. Sollid

Professor P.E. Hartmann, Dr. R.A. Owens

Dr. S.L. Trokel

Dr. F.A. L'Esperance, Jr., Dr. J.J. Wynne