Vacation Studentships

Nutrition Committee - Vacation studentships 2019

The Rank Prize Funds will be again be offering vacation studentships commencing in the Summer of 2019.  A total grant of £2500 per student (£250 per week for 10 weeks) together with up to £500 for consumables (the proposed amount should be justified on the application form) will be available for students to assist in research projects in the fields of human nutrition, animal nutrition and crop husbandry.  Topics should be within the remit of the Committee. Supervisors already actively engaged on appropriate projects can download the guidelines and application form here.

Optoelectronics Committee - Vacation studentships 2019

The Optoelectronics Advisory Committee of the Rank Prize Funds will support a number of awards for students in the summer before they commence their final year of undergraduate studies at UK universities which have a major commitment to teaching and research in optoelectronics, including vision and the eye.  The scheme is intended to integrate students in the day-to-day activities of a research group/laboratory and will run during the summer of 2019.  For Guidelines and application form click here.  The deadline for applications is 1st March 2019.