First Announcement of 2018 Rank Prizes


£80,000 for pioneering research which has enabled plant breeders to exploit cereal genomics to develop improved wheat cultivars

Professor K.J. Edwards (University of Bristol) - £40,000                                            

Professor G. Moore (John Innes Centre) - £40,000



£90,000 for the invention and realisation of photonic crystal fibres

Professor T.A. Birks (University of Bath) - £30,000                                                

Professor J.C. Knight (University of Bath) - £30,000

Professor P. St. J. Russell (Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light) - £30,000


Congratulations to Professor Polina Bayvel (Optoelectronics Committee) on being awarded a CBE.

Congratulations also to Sir George Alberti, Dr. Ann Prentice and Professors Keith Frayn and Christine Williams (Nutrition Committee) on becoming Honorary Fellows of the Nutrition Society.

New Appointments 2017 (Optoelectronics Committee):

Professor Roberto Cipolla FREng, from the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge and Professor Helen Gleeson, OBE, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leeds.

Post-Graduate Studentships in Human Nutrition

  • 2016 Award - The University of Nottingham (£10,000 per annum for 3 years)
  • 2017 Award - The University of Bath (£10,000 per annum for 4 years)

New Lecturer Awards 2016

 2016 Awards - Dr. Narelle Berry (UEA) and Dr. Katie Field (Leeds)

2016 Rank Prize Lectures


  • Diabetes UK (Harry Keen Memorial Lecture) - Professor Roy Taylor
  • Royal College of Physicians - Professor Nick Finer
  • The Nutrition Society - Professor Hannelore Daniel


  • The European Conference on Visual Perception - Professor Dora Angelaki
  • Photon'16 - Professor Helen Gleeson


Nutrition Committee

Post-Graduate Studentships

Details for applications for 2018

Applications from supervisors are invited for a Rank Prize Nutrition Fund Post-Graduate Studentship in Human Nutrition, to start in October 2018. This should be at a UK institution.  The maximum grant will be £10,000 pa for four years which can be used to fund partially a studentship with support from a Research Council, Charity or other source. Additional funds of up to £1,000 are available annually for the student to attend UK and/or overseas professional conferences. The application form can be obtained here. Any queries should be addressed to The Rank Prize Funds, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. One application to be submitted per Department, selected and approved by the Head. The closing date is midnight 8 November 2017 and the award will be announced by 14 December 2017.


Nutrition Committee Travel Awards 2017

Awards of up £7,500 each are available to assist early- and mid-career scientists to learn new techniques and/or to make and establish contacts with international counterparts by spending time in an institution outside the UK. The awards are available in the broad areas of human nutrition and crop science to members of academic and research staff at UK universities and other organisations who are defined as eligible for funding under the criteria used by research councils. The scheme is not open to PhD students. Click here to download further details and application form.

Any queries should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The closing date for applications will be 17.00 on Thursday 22 June 2017. 



Vacation Studentships 2017

- Nutrition Committee

The Rank Prize Funds will be again be offering vacation studentships commencing in the Summer of 2017.  A total grant of £2500 per student (£250 per week for 10 weeks) together with up to £500 for consumables (the proposed amount should be justified on the application form)will be available for students to assist in research projects in the fields of human nutrition, animal nutrition and crop husbandry.  Topics should be within the remit of the Committee. Supervisors already actively engaged on appropriate projects can download the Guidelines and Application Form -  click here Closing date for applications was 8th February 2017.  Details for 2018 to follow.

- Optoelectronics Committee 

The Optoelectronics Advisory Committee of the Rank Prize Funds will support a number of awards for students in the penultimate year of undergraduate studies at UK universities which have a major commitment to teaching and research in optoelectronics, including vision and the eye.  The scheme is intended to integrate students in the day-to-day activities of a research group/laboratory and will run during the summer of 2017.  For Guidelines and application form click here.  The deadline for applications was 28th February 2017.  Details for 2018 to follow.