Rank Prize Forums in Nutrition

The principle of a forum is to assemble a group of some 20 established scientists wishing to explore a topic of especial interest or timeliness over a period of some days.  The topic should fall in the fields of human nutrition, animal nutrition, crop husbandry, either singly (eg obesity in 5-year olds) or in any combination (eg brassica culture and mammalian health); these disciplines are interpreted widely.

The venue is likely to be at a university or research institute, which will be expected to organise and administer the event.  All reasonable costs (including travel, meals, accommodation) will be met by the Rank Prize Funds.

Expressions of potential interest are invited from institutions or individual groups.  Email, including an outline of the topic (up to a page of A4) and the proposed venue, to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more detailed information. There are no application forms. The Committee will consider applications and select those that best meet the Rank Prize Funds' charitable objects.