The Rank Prize Funds symposia provide a forum in which internationally recognised leading scientists and early career researchers can meet and interact, to stimulate discussion and to advance the development of the research on the chosen subject. Unlike most scientific meetings, where participants have little opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions, the value of these symposia lies in their small, fully interactive nature, both during and outside formal sessions.  All participants give presentations and everyone is expected to attend all the sessions. Encouragement is given to the early career participants to actively engage in the discussions and the environment is intentionally informal. The symposia also offer the opportunity to bring together people from different disciplines to broaden everyone’s understanding of a field, and potentially to provide a forum from which future collaborations might spring.

The topics for the symposia are selected by the two committees, with a view to furthering development of research in the fields of nutrition and optoelectronics for the public good. The majority of participants are usually engaged in research in academic institutions, although where the topic calls for a broader engagement, the symposia may also include researchers based in industry and the health and agricultural sectors. 

Each symposium runs over three days and brings together around ten internationally recognised lead speakers from the UK, Europe and other continents, with up to 20 early career researchers. Participation is by invitation only. There are normally no published proceedings. 

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