Symposia organised by the Human and Animal Nutrition and Crop Husbandry Fund

International symposia

1974 Bread   1977 The Diet of Man: Needs and Wants
1979 Food Chains and Human Nutrition   1980 Nitrogen Metabolism in Man
1981 Food, Nutrition and Climate   1984 Nutritional Adaptation in Man
1987 Comparative Nutrition   1990 Genetics and Human Nutrition
1992 Plant Adaptation to Environmental Stress   1996

Feeding a World Population of More Than Eight Billion People:  A Challenge to Science

The proceedings of all International Symposia organised by the Funds are published and are available for purchase through the normal channels.



  • Immune Response to Food Antigens Before and During Weaning


  • Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition


  • Lectins  


  • Seed Quality


  • Regulation of Protein Metabolism
  • Seed Storage Proteins


  • Psychology of Food
  • Non-Conventional Crop Protection


  • Muscular Activity and Energy Expenditure
  • Inflammation, Cytokines and Nutrition
  • Starch: An Underestimated Nutrient?


  • Symbiosis and Crop Growth: Molecular and Organismal Aspects
  • Digestive Tract Flora and Nutrition in Man
  • Nutrition and the Thyroid


  • Genetical Variation in the Study of Plant Processes
  • Advances in Amino Acid Metabolism and Nutrition


  • Overnutrition
  • Early Life Nutrition and Adult Disease
  • The Plant Cell Wall and Nutrition


  • Recent Advances in Plant Nutrition
  • Mathematical Modelling in Biological Systems


  • New Directions in the Study of Insect Semiochemicals
  • New Perspectives on the Metabolic Response to Injury
  • Nutrients as Regulators
  • Nutrition and Immunology


  • Anti-Nutritional Factors in Foods and Feeds
  • Diet Selection in Animals and Man
  • Modified Plants for Nutrition and Health Enhancement


  • Changing Nutritional Behaviour
  • Nutrition and Lactation
  • Phytoprotectants
  • Collagen


  • Energy in Agriculture
  • Sulphur: The Global Cycle, Metabolism and Nutrition
  • Control of Appetite and Energy Expenditure
  • Nutritional Consequences of Food Processing


  • Nutrition and Gut Cell Function
  • Nutrition and Renal Function
  • Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Glycation
  • Fin-Fish Nutrition
  • Nutrition, Foetal Growth and Adult Diseases (1 day meeting)


  • Water
  • Nutrients and Hormonal Modulation
  • Micronutrient Function in Anti-Oxidant Systems


  • Nutrient Transport Mechanisms
  • Metabolic Control Analysis
  • Glycaemic Response to Carbohydrate Rich Foods
  • Nutrient Sensing
  • Regional and Social Conditions and Diet Related Diseases in the UK


  • Insulin
  • Nutrition and Brain Function and Development
  • Potatoes: An Important Food Crop
  • Lactation and Disease
  • Determinants and Implications of Breastfeeding Success


  • Plant Food Allergens
  • Diet, Activity and Child Health (1 day meeting)
  • Nutrition and Adolescence


  • Phytochemicals and the Prevention of Disease
  • Caloric Restriction and Ageing
  • Nutrition and Gut Flora
  • Joint Meeting with The Novartis Foundation on The Rising Tide of Diabetes in Children and Young Adults


  • Dietary Supplements
  • Improving the Plant Secretory System for Nutrition and Health
  • Bread
  • Environmental and Nutritional Influences on Infant Development and Behaviour


  • Can we Improve the Utilisation of Nitrogen in Cereals?
  • Birthweight and Prenatal Nutrition
  • Nutrigenomics


  • Long Chain Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Human Nutritional Requirements and Provision in the Food Chain
  • Iron: Key Regulator of Host Pathogen Interactions
  • Adiposity
  • The Origins of the Science and Practice of Infant and Child Nutrition and Feeding
  • Foods Fads and Fallacies (1 day meeting)


  • Recent Advances in Nutrient Transport
  • Chemical and Visual Ecology of Arthropods: From Genes to Pest Management
  • Transport of Micronutrients in Animals and Plants
  • High Sustainable Cereal Yields under Drought
  • Research for Food Security (1 day meeting)


  • Nutrition and HIV
  • Unravelling Common Epigenetic Processes Affecting Crop Quality and Human Development
  • Regulation of Appetite
  • Domestication of Cereals and Exploitation of Genetic Diversity in Improvement


  • Dietary Flavonoids: Mechanisms of Action and Human Health
  • Sensory Aspects of Pollination
  • Nutrient Sensing and Signalling
  • Nutritional Biomarkers: Present Science and Future Opportunities


  • Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition
  • Roots for Improving Resource Acquisition In Crops
  • Evolution of the Human Diet
  • Alcohol and Nutrition 


  • New Horizons in Plant-Pathogen Interactions
  • Non-Digestible Polysaccharides in the Human Diet: From Farm to Pharmacy
  • Photosynthesis
  • Sports Nutrition


  • One Day Discussion Meeting on Gene Transfer to Plants: 30 Years On
  • Methyl Donors and Human Nutrition
  • Long Chain n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in the Human Diet - Health and Sustainability Issues
  • Mechanistic Aspects and Functional Outcomes of Vitamin D
  • Fruit and Health in the 21st Century




  • Metabolism and Circadian Rhythms - Implications for Obesity and Insulin Resistance
  • Oxidative Stress, Does it Play a Role in Life Histories and Ageing?
  • Gut Hormones and Nutrition
  • Sensing and Automation in Crop Production


  • Nutrition and Cancer
  • Cereal Genomics to Address Grand Challenges
  • Perenniality - Potential and Challenges for Future Sustainable Crop Production
  • Obesity



  • Developmental Programming of Human Disease: Preconception Nutrition and Lifelong Health
  • The Role of Crops in Providing Micronutrients (Fe, Zn, Se) for Human Health
  • Dietary Restriction and Ageing
  • Nutrition: Implications to Ageing Processes and People 


  • The Role of Wheat in Diet, Health and Disease
  • Soils, Organisms and Pollutants and their Consequences for Human Health
  • Carbohydrates and HealthDietary Restriction and Ageing
  • Maternal and Paternal Intergenerational Programming Effects


  • The Impact of Ethnicity on Risk of Diet-related Diseases
  • The Shape of Wheat to Come